“Your Money or your Life!”

adam-antSo I wrote a set of posts (let’s call it a brochure 🙂 ) on a big, hairy, gnarly beast of a thing – the topic of:

  • Why ‘large corporates’ need to change their fundamental structure in order to survive and prosper in the long term; and
  • How they might go about this…and perhaps what awaits those that don’t ‘see the light’.

This page provides a quick link to the set of posts that, together, tell the story:

  • Introduction: ”Your Money or your Life!”
  • Chapter 1: A long time ago in a land far, far away…
  • Chapter 2: “That’s what WE do!”
  • Chapter 3: Can executives change the ‘shareholder value’ machine?
  • Chapter 4: What possible ‘defences’ exist against the harm of ‘Money Power’?
  • Chapter 5: Avoiding Armageddon!

I hope that you find some value in reading it, and pondering the roller coaster ride that I hopefully take you on.

There’s shed-loads of wisdom in the likes of Henry Ford, Stafford Beer, Ha-Joon Chang,  Joel Bakan and Handelsbanken…and of course W. Edwards Deming.