Index of posts

How is this Index structured?

I’ve found that my posts (to date) can be related around two top level headings, and then to two underlying frameworks.



Click on Box A and you will be taken to a diagram representing John Seddon’s ‘Check Model’




Click on Box B and you will be taken to a diagram representing W. Edwards Deming’s ‘Theory of Profound Knowledge’


Then, you can select (click on) regions of each diagram and be taken to a list of published posts that, in some way or another, fit with that piece of the puzzle

(e.g. click on the ‘purpose’ region (A1) to go to a list of posts published to date relating to purpose).


1. Categorising posts: Many posts could fit under two or more pieces…but, to keep it simple, I have selected a primary home for each post;

2. Model overlap: Seddon’s ‘Capability’ piece (A3) and Deming’s ‘Variation’ piece (B2) both deal with a similar area (i.e. measurement) and so if you click on either of these two framework pieces they will take you to the same list of posts;

3. What about stuff that doesn’t fit? I’ve shoe-horned everything into somewhere vaguely appropriate (even the comedy and/or political rants).

However, I am mindful that something might not fit in the future….in which case I will have to add a third top-level heading of ‘C. Junk’…and then you will know not to waste your time on them 🙂

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