Images and their sources

20121124sa-copyright-fair-use-diagram-five-aspects-chartI think a picture helps a post enormously! So, for each post, I try to find an image that supports its intent and acts as a mind trigger.

Now, I’m no professional photographer and I don’t have access to the necessary props, kit and know-how to make my own images so I scour around the wonder that is ‘Google Images’ to find what I hope fits.

I am conscious of copyright laws so:

  • I first use the Google Images ‘usage rights’ filter to see if there is an image that is clearly ‘free to use or share’;
  • If I can’t find a suitable image that is clearly ‘free to use or share’ then I will pick an image that I don’t think should matter to the person or organisation that created it
    • My rationale for this is that there are gazillions of images on Google for which the creator is probably perfectly comfortable with their  respectful re-use…indeed they may gain from this (e.g. brand recognition);
    • If I select an image in which its re-use is unclear and there is an obvious source then I will make sure that this is showing either in the image or at the bottom of the post, thereby providing the image creator with the credit
  • If I happen to have used an image that you:
    • legally hold the usage rights; but
    • haven’t granted usage/sharing rights; and
    • are unhappy about me using it in the manner that I have*

…then please let me know and I will remove it ASAP and replace it with something else.

* Note: This site is a non-commercial endeavor.

Hope the above makes sense and seems reasonable.

2 thoughts on “Images and their sources

  1. Coor that’s thorough.
    I’m awful
    I just Google image search then cut it from the screen using the windows snipping tool. No crediting or asking nicely. Never bothered thinking about it before. I’ve had people asking ME nicely before to borrow an image, always said yes. Just never thought I’m supposed to too. I’m probably very wrong, but I’m also too lazy to stop and change though.


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