About me

MemojiWhen I started this blogging lark, I wanted to keep myself anonymous because I don’t think that people need to know who I am – my words should either stand up as being interesting, credible and useful or not.

However, enough people began asking “but who are you” that it’s easier (and perhaps transparent) for me to simply state this.

I’m Steve Schefer and I live in New Zealand. I was brought up in the UK, but moved to NZ in 2008.

I have a LinkedIn profile (see here)

I hope that you find this blog interesting, and useful



4 thoughts on “About me

    • Er, yes, sort of. It’s what (I think) is called a ‘Me-moji’ that I created using my phone. Obviously I’ve got wrinkles, spots and bags under my eyes in real life 🙂


  1. Very interesting two days of learning spent with you recently; I had to smile to myself when you gave us your blog, I’ve been reading it for a while and thought oh! that’s why some of this is familar 🙂
    Enjoy your thoughts and find them insightful and useful.

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