Welcome to this blog!

blog-4-ship-launch-v21This inaugural post is to simply ‘smash the bottle of champagne across the prow of the proverbial ship and say “I name this blog ‘Squire to the Giants’. May WordPress bless her and all who visit and tend her.” Please bear in mind that she is deliberately semi-built and will continuously improve as we use her and find out how to get the best.

I will have seeded the blog with a dozen or so ‘starter’ brain fart blogs before inviting anyone to join so that the cupboards aren’t bare when you first come on board.

Before digging into any of the posts, I ask that you read:

  • About this blog

My longer term intent is to write posts within the following categories:

  • About the Giants: in which I will write a post per Improvement Guru, introducing you to them and what they have achieved, written etc.
  • Article Reviews: for posts about relevant articles (e.g. as published in the likes of Harvard Business Review)
  • Book Reviews: for posts that introduce a key book and a summary of its content and messages
  • Brain Farts: the main set of posts, where I will share a thought with you…for you to consider and perhaps comment.

I hope you enjoy. Constructive feedback is welcome. I will try not to get ‘too far up myself’ whilst writing (only time, and the nature of your comments, will tell if I achieve this!)

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