My Giants

Squire-3Well, since this blog is called ‘Squire to the Giants’, I thought it worthwhile to:

  • identify who my giants are; and
  • gradually add a page per giant, giving a brief explanation about them.

This list is likely to grow as and when I explore more.

My current list of giants (with links to pages as they are written) include:

Please note that my blog pages containing ‘giant’ explanations are a combination of information gathered from reading their books and related websites and my own personal views (which you may or may not concur with). However, if you notice a material error in my facts, I’d be very happy for you to (politely) point this out to me.

2 thoughts on “My Giants

  1. I do believe you just identified my reading list for the next year. Half of the fellows I had heard of, but the other half I had not–thank you very much for identifying these giants and introducing them to me. Deming is also where I start. I am so glad I found your blog!


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