An addition to ‘My Giants’

Another giantThis quick post is to let readers know that I have just added another giant bio to the blog.

I’m writing a post at the moment about hard vs soft systems thinking and, in so doing, I realised that I had written (i.e. drafted) a ‘giant’ page for Peter Checkland two years ago…and never completed it.

…so, for those that are interested, I have rectified that here. My next post will add much more ‘meat to the bones’ of hard and soft systems thinking.

FYI: I introduced some of Checkland’s thinking in an earlier 2016 post called “What I think is…”

Over and out for now,


About my giants…

giant-panda-clip-art-dTr4bjGT9When I started this blog I always intended to include a list of who I considered to be my giants, along with an introduction to each of them.

I have been writing such information over the last few months but I hadn’t got around to adding them to this blog site.

This post is to inform you that I have (finally) got off my backside and rectified this. If you look at the home page you will now see a page entitled ‘My Giants’. You can also see that I have added a page for each of the first six of these giants…which should be enough for anyone interested to be getting on with.

I hope you find the information interesting and of some use.

p.s. I’ve got other giants in mind to add to the list and I will do so as time allows.